Your Moment Of Glenn: We Think Glenn Beck Should Host SNL

Someone at 30 Rock needs to approach Glenn Beck and ask him to host SNL, pronto. They could use Beck’s opener today in lieu of an audition tape. The White House’s decision to treat Fox News as an opponent might just be the best gift Beck has ever received; between the red phone on set, the grip whose job it is to sit beside it in case the White House calls, the chalkboard, and Beck’s impressions, his opener this evening may have been the best 20 minutes of television you’ll see all day.

In the 45 second clip below, Beck channels Shakespeare, Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, and Fred Armisen as President Obama. Oh yes, and Liberals (also, Cat Stevens). If that’s not a repertoire worthy of SNL I’m not sure what is. How long before the White House regrets calling out Fox is another matter, in the meantime we’re probably in for some good television.

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