You’re Hired! Trump Retains Former Apprentice Personality Omarosa as Official Surrogate

omarosaDonald Trump has hired his old realty TV co-star Omarosa Manigault to be an official campaign surrogate.

The Hill notes that the Apprentice Season 1 alumna was once granted the honor of landing a spot on Guide’s “60 Nastiest Villains of All Time” list.

Prior to being retained by the campaign, Manigault was one of Trump’s most vocal, incendiary supporters, regularly appearing on cable news to defend the candidate and blast his opponents.

Manigault has certainly earned her stripes in the crusade to get Trump elected. An incomplete list of her exploits on the campaign’s behalf include:

Manigault will represent the Trump campaign at the RNC in Cleveland later this month. Reportedly, Trump’s campaign is putting together a program of various celebrities and professional athletes to appear at the convention alongside her.

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