CNN’s Toobin: Trump ‘Has More Convicted Felons Around Him Than a Lot of Mafia Dons’


CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin broke down the Paul Manafort cooperation deal with Robert Mueller on The Situation Room tonight and the question of “what does Paul Manafort know and about whom.”

He told Wolf Blitzer Manafort “was basically a one-man crime wave” when you consider all the crimes he committed, saying the question now is who else is involved.

President Donald Trump has, as of this writing, not yet weighed in on the matter.

Blitzer noted that in addition to Manafort, “all these individuals who have decided to plead guilty––they now work for Robert Mueller.”

He continued:

“That’s how it works with top prosecutors. They work from the bottom up. But here––you know, think about how prominent these people are. And they’re all now convicted felons! I mean, Donald Trump has more convicted felons around him than a lot of mafia dons! It’s just an extraordinary number of people! Because it’s happened gradually, we sort of haven’t focused on just how many prominent people around Donald Trump are either on their way to prison or will be there shortly. And the question is: what do they know?”

Toobin noted the statements from Sarah Sanders and Rudy Giuliani saying that today’s developments have nothing to do with Trump, but he added, “It’s a hell of a coincidence that all these people turn out to be criminals.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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