Meghan McCain Clashes With Ana Navarro: Don’t See How ‘You Still Consider Yourself a Republican’

Meghan McCain and Ana Navarro got into a heated argument on Monday morning’s The View over the Trump administration’s current approach to immigration and the government shutdown.

“You are showing your partisanship if you do not place the same amount of blame on President Trump that you did on President Obama… It is not intellectually honest to say this is completely Trump’s fault,” McCain said.

“I understand that DACA is a very emotional issue at this point, but most Republicans are on my side on this one, Ana, and it’s really difficult for me to understand sometimes why you still consider yourself a Republican,” she continued.

“Because I’m a Hispanic immigrant Latina,” Navarro replied. “I came here through no decision of my own… Had my parents not had visas, had my parents not had the resources to hire lawyers, I would be a DREAM Act kid, too. That’s why this is personal.”

“[DACA] is attached to a spending bill right now. We have another month to figure this out,” McCain shot back. “[The government shutdown] is partisan politics and government obstruction is at its worst, and my father and Lindsey Graham… have been at the forefront of DACA and immigration reform.”

The two continued to speak over each other while Whoopi Goldberg cut to a commercial break.

Watch above, via ABC.

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