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Obama: Reporters Tell Me My Proposals Are ‘Great,’ ‘All Good Ideas’

In a speech on Wednesday, President Barack Obama revealed that he is regularly praised by reporters for advancing policy proposals that they think are “all good ideas.” Speaking to an audience of supporters at Galesburg, Illinois, Obama told the audience that journalists often lament that his “great” ideas cannot pass the Republican-dominated House of Representatives.

“It’s interesting, in the run-up to this speech, a lot of reporters say that, ‘well, Mr. President, these are all good ideas, but some of you’ve said before,’ Obama told the audience at Knox College. “‘Some of them sound great, but you can’t get those through Congress. Republicans won’t agree with you.’”

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Obama said that he replies to these reporters that he can convince Republicans to support his ideas because their public opposition to him is disingenuous.

“I say, ‘look, the fact is there are Republicans in Congress right now who privately agree with me on a lot of the ideas I’ll be proposing,’” Obama continued. “I know because they’ve said so.”

Watch the clip below via C-SPAN:

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