Omarosa Shares Tape of Trump Call After Firing: ‘Nobody Even Told Me About It’

Omarosa Manigault‘s very messy publicity tour for her upcoming book on the White House continued on Monday with an appearance on the Today show, in which she shared a tape recording of President Donald Trump calling her after she was fired.

Manigault shared a tape with NBC News of the president calling her following her firing in the Situation Room by Chief of Staff John Kelly, and expressing shock that she was leaving the White House.

“Omarosa, what’s going on?” Trump is heard saying. “I just saw in the news you’re thinking about leaving. What happened?”

“General Kelly — General Kelly came to me and said that you guys wanted me to leave,” Manigault replied.

“No. Nobody even told me about it. You know, they run a big operation but I didn’t know it. I didn’t know that,” Trump replied. “God dammit! I don’t love you leaving at all.”

Manigault told Today show host Savannah Guthrie “that the president of the United States does not know what’s happening” in the White House should “be alarming to every American.”

Watch above, via NBC News.

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