Rubio on Harry Reid Calling Him a ‘Loser’: Personal Insults ‘Much More Common on the Left’

Yesterday on CNBC outgoing Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) called all the potential GOP candidates “losers.” Thursday morning the Fox & Friends troika asked newly-announced candidate Marco Rubio (R-FL) if his feelings had been hurt.

“The worst thing we can do is talk about it,” Rubio said. “That’s what he wants.”

Nonetheless Rubio went on to do just that. “There used to be a line of civility in American politics,” said the candidate of tomorrow. “It’s particularly problematic on the left. They never argue with you about ideas. Their instant reaction is to attack you personally. I’m not saying people on the right don’t do it, it happens. But it’s so much more common on the left.”

Elisabeth Hasselbeck expressed concern over Rubio’s family’s reaction, but he assured her they didn’t watch CNBC. Now let’s all delete our accounts together.

Via Fox News:

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