CNN’s Oliver Darcy Slams Fox & Friends Chyron Flub: They Just Aren’t ‘Tethered’ to ‘Reality, to the Facts’


CNN Senior Media Reporter Oliver Darcy slammed Fox News on Sunday for the “sloppy” work he says is so representative of “the whole Fox & Friends show.”

Earlier on Sunday, Fox News made a chyron blunder.

During a report on securing America’s border, the chyron read: “TRUMP CUTS US AID TO 3 MEXICAN COUNTRIES.”

It was speaking, of course, to the fact that Trump moved this weekend to cut aid to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

Fox’s Ed Henry later apologized for the error.

Yet, according to Darcy, the screw-up speaks volumes about Fox & Friends.

“I think what’s so striking about this, it’s just so sloppy,” he told CNN’s Ana Cabrera.

He continued on: “And it is kind of representative of the whole Fox & Friends show, right? They’re not tethered really a lot of times to reality, to the facts.”

He further noted that it matters because that is where POTUS seems to get his info.

“And this is where the president of the United States is often getting his information,” Darcy stressed. “We know this because he tweets every single day almost about what he sees on Fox & Friends, so this chyron is maybe a sloppy error, but it speaks larger volumes about what Fox & Friends is putting out.”

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