Benghazi Report: Even State Dept Officials Were Horrified by Susan Rice’s TV Appearances

susan riceThen-U.N. Ambassador and current National Security Advisor Susan Rice was lambasted by Obama administration critics when she went on all five Sunday morning shows in the wake of the 2012 Benghazi attack and blamed a YouTube video for the attack. But included in the newly-released Benghazi Committee report is the revelation that even within the Obama administration, State Department officials were flabbergasted by Rice’s appearances.

“State Department employees in Washington D.C. who had spoken with those on the ground in Libya after the attack were universal in their condemnation of Rice’s statements,” the Republican-controlled committee revealed, citing emails obtained in the course of their investigation.

The State Department’s Senior Libya Desk Officer wrote an email to his colleagues saying, “I think Rice was off the reservation on this one.”

“Off the reservation on five networks!” agreed the Deputy Director of the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs.

“Yup,” agreed the bureau’s Senior Advisor for Strategic Communications. “Luckily there’s enough in her language to fudge exactly what she said/meant.”

“[The White House is] very worried about the politics,” he guessed. “This was all their doing.”

Also included in the new report is the revelation that Rice was not briefed by the CIA, Defense Department, or State Department officials before making the Sunday show appearances. Instead she was briefed by David PlouffeBarack Obama‘s 2012 campaign manager.

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