Cuomo Grills Mulvaney Over Dreamers: Why Won’t You Say ‘Something Positive About These People?

Tuesday morning on CNN, New Day host Chris Cuomo and White House budget director Mick Mulvaney went at it over the fate of Dreamers.

In a spirited debate, Cuomo tried to pin Mulvaney down on whether the deportation of Dreamers would result in lost revenue for the U.S.

“You’re the budget director,” Cuomo said. “Do you believe it wouldn’t cost the country money if you got rid of Dreamers?”

“I think it’s bad for the nation to have bad illegal immigration policies, and that’s what we have right now,” Mulvaney said.

Cuomo pressed.

“Do you think if you got rid of all the Dreamers we would lose money?”

Mulvaney again waffled.

“I think that you need need to solve our immigration problem.”

“But why won’t you say ‘Yes. We’d lose money’? What’s wrong with that?” Cuomo said. “Why not say something positive about these people? Why can’t you do it?”:

Mulvaney replied, “Why won’t you just agree that we need a holistic immigration solution so that we don’t have this problem so that your kids and my kids aren’t having the same debate 25 years from now?”

Watch above, via CNN.

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