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Dems Using Sarah Palin’s Recent ‘$800,000 Haul’ As Scare Tactic To Raise Money

As much as the Dems like to scoff (one might even say ‘refudiate’) at the idea of Sarah Palin as a serious political force that must be reckoned with, they apparently take her seriously enough to use her as way to motivate Dems to donate. This email from James Carville landed in my inbox this morning, subject line: ‘Palin’s $800,000 Haul: Stop Sarah Palin’s Money Machine.’

You hear what the Republicans are saying now?

They’re out there bragging that they’ll actually win back the House this year. But if the thought of John Boehner holding the gavel doesn’t run a cold chill up your spine, how about this: Sarah Palin raised over $800,000 last quarter for tea party candidates so vile, they make her look like the model of moderation.

This Sunday marks 100-days until Election Day, signaling the real kick-off of the 2010 campaign season.

With the Republicans’ chest-pounding over their chances to win the House, the media is watching our 100-day out fundraising more than ever. To beat the GOP, House Democrats need to raise $548,971 by Sunday at Midnight.

Considering that according to a new Gallup poll the Dems have just this week jumped to a 6-percentage-point generic-ballot edge one might conclude this email is merely evidence the party has concluded what websites have known for sometime now: Sarah Palin generates clicks.

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