Megyn Kelly And Bill O’Reilly Have Heated Exchange Over Westboro Church

Megyn Kelly is a bad ass. There, I said it. While debating with Bill O’Reilly last night on the finer points of Westboro Baptist Church v. Matthew Snyder’s father (where the fallen marine’s funeral was interrupted by members of the church holding “God Hates Fags” posters), Kelly took the unpopular side that legally, Westboro may have not done anything illegal. When O’Reilly disagreed and started pointing to the “pinhead” judges that overturned the initial ruling in favor of Mr. Snyder, Kelly practically spit back, “They don’t do the heart-strings thing at the appeal court level.” Mr. Snyder turned in his objection to pay the Westoboro Baptist Church fees late, so he had to pay them, end of story. But Bill O’Reilly thinks special exceptions get to be made in this one specific incident, which, while terribly ugly, sets a hazy precedent for what can and cannot be done in First Amendment cases.

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