Obama Heckler Neil Munro Declines Washington Post Interview

Like he alleges President Obama did, Daily Caller‘s presidential heckler Neil Munro won’t be taking any questions. Munro declined an interview from the Washington Post today on account of being “too busy with health care, etc,” an excuse the Post‘s Erik Wemple posted on his site today noting the irony of Munro declining questions.

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Republishing the “ostensibly high-minded but actually absent-minded” comments in response to Munro’s heckling and the backlash therein from both Munro and his boss, Tucker Carlson, Wemple explained that he reached out to Munro to talk about the incident. Munro didn’t use the word “no,” but his response didn’t need it:


Too busy with health-care, etc.



While that doesn’t necessarily mean he will get no response, Wemple noted that the question he wanted answered now was “whether his no-comment complies with his own principles on public accountability,” since the entire basis of his action on Friday was his opposition to the President not answering certain questions. As of press time, he is still waiting for a response.

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