Public Policy Polling: Colbert Has Edge Over Obama With South Carolina Independents

Public Policy Polling surveyed South Carolina residents on the Republican presidential candidates, and one of the more interesting/surprising/fascinating results they found was that political comedian Stephen Colbert ranks higher among state independents than President Barack Obama.

Less surprisingly, the president trails both Mitt Romney and Rick Perry in hypothetical matchups, and ties with both Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann. And Obama’s approval rating in South Carolina currently stands at 41 percent.

But “just for fun,” PPP decided to throw Colbert, a native son, into the race to see how he would fare in a three-way race. In a hypothetical (and admittedly awesome) race between Obama, Perry, and Colbert, the comedian takes 12 percent of the vote, and wins with the support of 24 percent of independents, compared to Obama’s 22 percent. PPP ranks the three candidates’ individual numbers among independents:

Colbert has a positive 33/22 favorability rating with independents, quite a contrast to Perry’s 31/38 and Obama’s 34/53 approval with them.

Given Colbert is already getting involved in the 2012 race with his Super PAC, he might not launch the same kind of mock presidential campaign he did four years ago. But if so, that would be a fun candidacy to watch.

h/t The Atlantic Wire

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