Watch 2010 Glenn Beck Lose it Over Michelle Obama Wearing White to an Oil Spill: ‘This is an Outrage!’


If you think liberals are being too hard on First Lady Melania Trump for wearing a jacket indicating she really doesn’t care about detained migrant children, the other side of the aisle has had more than its fair share of flipouts over fashion choices.

Check out conservative pundit Glenn Beck calling then-First Lady Michelle Obama’s white outfit with black splotches to visit an oil spill site back in 2010 an “outrage”.

“The most Marie Antoinette of anything I have ever seen,” he called it.

Even Bill O’Reilly was a little stymied by the claim and even made fun of him for it. He noted that then-Fox News guest Laura Ingraham called Obama’s garden a “left-wing plot” and started laughing about the ridiculousness of the idea. Beck ended up laughing, too, so at least he doesn’t think greenery is an outrage.

Meanwhile, Obama’s shirt was merely a pattern which may – y’know, if you Rorschach it – look like an oil spill. Melania’s jacket literally read “I REALLY DON’T CARE DO U” en route to a site where the presence or lack of caring was of paramount importance to everyone watching the first lady interact with workers and children.

In any event, no matter which side you’re on, clothes matter. It’s important to choose the right outfit for the occasion, or politicos who oppose you will notice – and comment.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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