Your Moment of Zen: Trump Lawyer Says Trump Campaign is Above Something

thumb-8The way this presidential campaign has been going, couldn’t we all use a laugh? On Thursday morning’s edition of CNN’s New Day, viewers got one courtesy of anchor Chris Cuomo, who asked Trump Organization special counsel Michael Cohen about the news that Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski will not be prosecuted for his alleged battery of reporter Michelle Fields. Specifically, he asked Cohen if, had the situation been reversed and it was Ted Cruz‘s campaign manager who stood accused, would Trump’s camp have made hay over it. Cohen’s response will make you spit your coffee:

Cohen: Would not say a word. We’re above that.

Cuomo: With a straight face —

Cohen: With a straight face.

Cuomo: There’s a little smile. I will take that.

Yes, in a rare bit of self-awareness, even Trump’s own lawyer couldn’t keep a straight face while asserting his boss is “above” anything.

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