The Nation’s Newspapers React To Health Care Bill On Sunday Covers


When the Congressional debate of health care kicked into high gear Saturday afternoon, many news outlets had their coverage follow — from endless updates on the Huffington Post to CSPAN’s exhaustive video cataloging. Meanwhile, printed newspapers doubtlessly spent the day preparing their Sunday covers — unable to foresee exactly how the vote and bill would shake out, but fully aware of its inevitable headline grabbing appeal.

With the debate and vote pushing late into the night, it must have been a scramble — there are matters of placement, prominence, photo selection and of course, headlines.

In some papers the story receives top billing, while other relegate it to a smaller side column. The results vary across the nation, but provide an interesting look into the disparate layouts of the nation’s prominent printed papers.

Using the Today’s Front Pages feature of Newseum as a resource, we’ve collected some of the standout covers from this Sunday, November 8, 2009.

From South Carolina to California to New York City — here are today’s covers from around the United States!

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