Sean Hannity Says School Shootings ‘Not a Gun Issue’: Authorities Need to Police ‘Every Kid’s Social Media Postings’


In the wake of the Santa Fe school shooting, Fox News personality Sean Hannity has called for authorities to police teens’ social media accounts but insisted that the shootings are not really “about guns.”

Speaking on Premiere Radio Networks’The Sean Hannity Show on Friday, Hannity called for airport-style metal detectors and concealed carry security in every school to help keep kids safe.

Then, after laying out his case for the need for screening to keep out weapons, he claimed it was not really about guns after all.

“It’s not a gun issue. Every time it happens, the worse — it’s always a different gun,” he said in audio posted by Media Matters, before conceding that you “can’t let mentally ill people have guns.”

Then, he proposed a novel plan to stop school shootings: monitor kids’ social media accounts.

“Criminals don’t obey the laws by their very nature,” Hannity opined, “We also have to have, every school district needs to have some person that monitor’s every kid’s social media postings, maybe they need two people. This is a reality now that they’re telegraphing what they’re going to do. Terrorists do it. These school shooters do it.”

Listen above, via Media Matters.

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