Fox Biz Guest Hasn’t Read CIA Torture Report, but Doesn’t See ‘Value’ in Releasing It

Heritage Foundation national security fellow Peter Brookes told Fox Business Network this morning that he hasn’t seen the long-awaited report on the CIA’s torture funhouse enhanced interrogation techniques, but doesn’t “see the value in releasing it,” either.

“I haven’t seen the report, but from what I hear from people that may have read the report — like Mike Rogers (R-MI), the head of the House Intelligence Committee, and some former CIA directors like General [Michael] Hayden — I think it’s dangerous [to release it],” Brookes said. “We’re at war here.”

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“I don’t see what value it adds,” he said. “For oversight purposes, I understand. Congress needs to work on its relationship with the CIA. But the public release of this, I just don’t see any value in it.”

Brookes added that much of the ground covered in the report (which he repeated he hasn’t read) has already been trodden in previous memoirs from CIA officials. “We’ve changed the rules for interrogation and interviews since then,” he said. “We’ve learned our lessons.”

Watch the clip below, via FBN:

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