Jerry Springer Works His Political TV Magic on Sean Hannity

Jerry Springer‘s made a career out of making people around him look off balance and that’s just where FOX News’s Sean Hannity found himself when he brought the twenty-year TV veteran to Hannity.

Though Springer was there to plug his new dating show on the Game Show Network, Hannity went straight for the ambush and targeted Springer’s continued support for President Obama.  When Springer emerged from that unscathed, Hannity switched the subject to health care, to which Springer was weirdly prepared — having said he regularly reads articles on the subject.

As the interview goes on, Hannity gets more animated — while Springer periodically puts on his calm “I’m listening” face that fans of trashy TV know and love.

In spite of Hannity making fun of Springer’s show format and saying he’s lost his mind, the interview ends with Springer offering his friendship and a peace sign.  …which Hannity classily returns in a sarcastic manner.

Click below to watch the clip from Fox News’ Hannity:

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