Jon Stewart Reviews The State Of The Union: ‘You Opened With I Killed Bin Laden?!’

The State of the Union address is a once-in-a-year opportunity for mockery for Jon Stewart. With the President going over his past successes and future plans, there was plenty to go over: The Osama Bin Laden opening, the large amounts of tax credits, and the bad joke that made the First Lady force an awkward smile.

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Stewart began at the beginning: the opening of the speech that celebrated the death of Bin Laden. “You open with ‘I killed Bin Laden’?” Stewart asked, incredulous. “Does Rick Springfield open with ‘Jessie’s Girl’?”

After a few words about how wonderful Rick Springfield concerts are, he noted that the President promised quite a number tax credits to various people. “He’s like tax credit Oprah!” Stewart joked. “You get a tax credit! And you get a tax credit!” And then there was the spilt milk joke. “As someone who does comedy for a living: been there,” Stewart told Obama. “And the worst part isn’t the crowd’s reaction: it’s the wife’s.”

There was plenty more to go over: how chatting about Israel attracted the camera to Sen. Chuck Schumer, the crowd’s excitement at a potential new war, and Mitch Daniels as “SeƱor Crankypants.”

The segment via Comedy Central below:

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