Limbaugh Asks: What if Krauthammer or O’Reilly Had Suggested Defecating in Obama’s Mouth?

In response to the controversy surrounding MSNBC host Martin Bashir‘s suggestion that someone defecate in Sarah Palin to show her the horrors of human slavery, Rush Limbaugh asked Wednesday afternoon what would happen if a Fox News personality had said the same thing about President Obama.

After revisiting Bashir’s controversial Friday comments, Limbaugh lamented how “it sat there all weekend long, and there was not one peep from anybody at MSNBC suggesting that it was, in any way, inappropriate.”

Eventually, the radio host noted, Bashir “made a big apology,” but the whole debacle asks a larger question: “Why is he still there?”

“Let’s say Dr. [Charles] Krauthammer or Ted O’Baxter [Limbaugh’s nickname for Bill O’Reilly] would suggest that somebody do to Obama what Bashir suggested happen to Sarah Palin,” Limbaugh suggested. “What do you think would happen?”

“They would’ve been yanked off the air before their show was over!” he answered. “Roger Ailes would’ve stormed down there and taken them off the air publicly – and that would’ve been the end of them. They wouldn’t even finish their show. If Ailes had to sit there and do the rest of the hour himself, he’d yank whoever off the air.”

“At MSNBC? ‘Eh, what’s the big deal? Apology takes care of it,'” Limbaugh concluded. “These are truly reprehensible people over there.”

Listen below, via Rush Limbaugh Show

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