Tucker Carlson Mocks CNN’s Chris Cuomo For His ‘#StandFIRM’ Activism Facebook Video

Tucker Carlson took some shots at CNN anchor Chris Cuomo for his latest Facebook video post that involves an activism hashtag he’s trying to ignite with his followers.

“CNN’s Chris Cuomo is an awfully busy man,” Carlson began. “Some days he is doing what he can to worsen America’s racial divide.  He’s doing a pretty good job on that. Others, he is warning regular Americans it is illegal to read leaked emails that are embarrassing to Hillary Clinton. Even with a packed schedule, he still takes time to post videos like this on Facebook, and we’re glad he does.”

In the video, Cuomo has the hashtag “StandFIRM” written on a whiteboard with FIRM standing for “Fight Injustice, Reinforce Morality.” He told his followers that it applies to everything, from Puerto Rico to the health care debate to tax reform.

“Well this video raises a lot of questions, some of them theological,” Carlson reacted. “What exactly is Chris Cuomo talking about? What office is he running for? Did Chris Cuomo and the rest of us exist in the true reality or in a strange cartoonist simulated universe? Where in the world that this come from? And in a world where Chris Cuomo has a TV show, what has meaning? What is virtue? Does God exist?

Carlson said these questions arise when he watches these videos and that he’ll “try to find answers later in the week.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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