WATCH: Heckler Interrupts Boston Bombing Presser With Accusations Of ‘False Flag Staged Attack’

The first question that Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick received during tonight’s second press conference on the Boston Marathon bombings came from someone who may be a follower of conservative radio host Alex Jones. The questioner, who some on the scene are identifying as InfoWars’ Dan Bidondi asked Patrick directly if the bombings were a “false flag staged attack” meant to “take our civil liberties.”

The question echoed unsubstantiated comments made by Jones on Twitter directly following the bombings, which used the hashtag “#falseflag” and predicted the TSA would be “groping you at sporting events coming soon.”

The man who somehow received the first question at the press conference referenced loudspeakers telling spectators to “be calm” moments before the blasts went off. Governor Patrick quickly responded, “No, next question,” without acknowledging what appeared to be a conspiracy theory about the motives and perpetrators of the bombings.

Watch video below, looped three times, via CNN:

And as BuzzFeed’s Dorsey Shaw pointed out on Twitter, you can see an InfoWars logo on one of the press conference microphones.

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