James Carville On Romney’s Wealth: Issue Isn’t Whether You’re Rich, It’s Whether You’re Clueless

Democratic campaign strategist James Carville joined pollster Stan Greenberg and Buzzfeed editor in chief Ben Smith Wednesday night, where he discussed his book, It’s the Middle Class, Stupid!, and how it relates to a recent Mitt Romney fundraiser.

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“Y’all read about that fundraiser there out in the Hamptons?” he asked the audience. “It was like something out of The Onion with those people.” Greenberg added that, out of all the things put out and publicized about Romney by the opposition, his “Cayman Island accounts” is what consistently sticks with voters.

“The issue isn’t whether you’re rich or not,” Carville added later, when talk had turned to wealthy names among Democrats. “The issue is whether you’re clueless.”

He doesn’t fault anyone for their wealth, he continued, but he feels that forgetting the old refrain “there but for the grace of God go I” is ultimately detrimental.

Carville also offered Romney a bit of advice: He shouldn’t campaign as a “regular guy” — because he simply can’t, and he doesn’t even really need to — but, instead, as a “fixer.”

Have a look, via 92Y:

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