Romney Releases Spanish Ad Featuring ‘The Private Sector Is Doing Fine’ Gaffe

If any Spanish speaking voter hadn’t yet heard President Obama declare that “the private sector is doing fine,” Mitt Romney is working to make sure they know. The Republican nominee’s campaign released a Spanish-language ad today highlighting the unemployment rates among Latin Americans and simple phrases like “the middle class’s situation has not improved,” and asking whether the economy really is doing fine.

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Citing unemployment and foreclosure figures, the ad simply places those figures in text alongside the President’s comments and some dramatic music. The ad demonstrates a shift in the Romney campaign, especially on the Monday after the President’s new immigration initiative, to attract Latino voters by targeting the economy as the prime issue rather than immigration. It also demonstrates a willingness by the Romney campaign to keep the “private sector is doing fine” comments alive, perhaps through the summer, ephemeral as gaffes in this news cycle tend to be.

Watch the ad below:

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