comScore Cuomo Rips Virginia Senate Candidate Corey Stewart For Claiming Farther Mario Was Anti-Semitic

Cuomo Rips Trump-Backed VA Senate Nominee For Claiming Father Mario Was Anti-Semitic: ‘Ten Times The Man You Will Ever Be’

CNN’s Chris Cuomo was determined to keep the GOP’s nominee for the Senate in Virginia Corey Stewart honest, and Stewart was so determined to evade him that he started making brutal ad hominem attacks on Cuomo’s father.

In a fiery interview Wednesday night, Cuomo grilled Stewart for calling Paul Nehlen, a white supremacist and anti-Semite, one of his “personal heroes,” and for taking the endorsement of neo-Confederate Richard Hines in front of a Confederate flag.

“You’re trying to deny your past but it’s there like a big ugly shadow,” Cuomo said.

Stewart tried to argue that Cuomo was “playing the race card” (that’s not what that means, Corey), and when Cuomo wouldn’t let him wriggle out of the situation, Stewart hit below the belt.

“Your own father said anti-Semitic things, do you condemn him?” Stewart asked. (There is zero evidence of this; quite the contrary, Mario Cuomo was reportedly a fierce ally of the Jewish community.)

“Oh, please,” Cuomo said. “Listen. My father is dead and buried and was ten times the man you will ever be on your best day.”

“So stay comparing yourself to the bigots that you cotton to,” he added.

It’s a shame such a sick burn was wasted on someone who couldn’t understand it. But on behalf of the rest of us: Well done, Chris.

Watch above, via CNN.

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