Don Lemon Goes Off After Cuomo Talks With Trump Spox: ‘Put Whoever You Want On’ But ‘Audience Gets Nothing’ From Her

Don Lemon had a few words for Chris Cuomo on Wednesday after his CNN colleague wrapped up his very contentious interview with Kayleigh McEnany.

When the Trump 2020 campaign spokeswoman joined Cuomo last night, the two had at it in a red hot back-and-forth about how often President Donald Trump lies and tries to deceive the American people. During the skirmish, McEnany made the fantastical claim that Trump has never lied.

Shortly after the interview concluded, Lemon spoke to Cuomo ahead of their show trade-off, and the CNN Tonight host expressed his disagreement with Cuomo’s decision to have McEnany on.

“She has no credibility,” Lemon said. “Someone like that has no credibility … Put whoever you want on your show. This isn’t chastising you, but the audience gets nothing from her because she doesn’t tell the truth.”

Cuomo defended McEnany’s appearance by saying “you have to know what they’ll bring your way.”

“What you heard is the campaign pitch of the election,” said Cuomo. “That’s what they’ll be up against. If they’re not ready to take it on. If they don’t hear it and don’t understand how many people receive it, they’re gonna wind up in the same position they are now for another four years.”

Even so, Lemon continued to say Trump “lies all the time,” cycling through some of the worst fibs from the president.

“It’s just frustrating to me,” Lemon said.

Watch above, via CNN

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