Hannity Praises Trump’s Media Attacks at Phoenix Rally: ‘Yeah, CNN Sucks’

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On Wednesday night, Sean Hannity praised President Trump‘s recent attacks aimed at the media, who he calls an ” arm of the radical leftist movement.”

The Fox News host took aim at CNN, specifically Don Lemon and Ana Navarro, for their reactions to Trump’s rally in Phoenix.

“Actually, CNN is unhinged and embarrassing,” Hannity reacted.

He then played the clip of Trump’s crowd chanting “CNN sucks!” saying they were chanting directly at Lemon and CNN President Jeff Zucker.

“Yeah, CNN sucks,” Hannity said.

Hannity asked Zucker if he was “proud” of the “lies and garbage” his network spews “day in and day out.”

He then turned to the “deranged conspiracy theorists” over at MSNBC and the three broadcast networks:

“Now try to put yourself in the position of the president. If you were unfairly lied about, if you were called a racist — one of the worst things he could you could say about somebody. You know you’re not. You have a history of not being racist. You’ve spoken out against racism your whole life. Wouldn’t you feel the need to defend yourself, your honor, your reputation, your character, your family? Well, the Destroy Trump Media — they’re beyond pathetic and they deserve now every bit of criticism they’re getting from the president and rational-thinking Americans.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News

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