Gingrich: Obama ‘Disqualified’ From Calling My Remarks Repugnant After ‘Eight Years of Failure’

gingrichNewt Gingrich hit back on President Obama on Friday as he continues to defend himself for his proposal that Muslims should be required to undergo a religious test.

Gingrich floated the “test” during his first reaction to this week’s terror attack in France, saying that it would allow America to root out and deport believers of Sharia law. The remarks caught flak even from President Obama himself, and in turn, Gingrich blasted the president on Twitter for not having a plan to end radical Islamic terror.

To date, all of the ISIS-inspired terror attacks in the United States have been committed by U.S. citizens.

Gingrich clarified his position during a Facebook Q&A, though it occurred while Obama was calling out his remarks specifically during an address on Nice. Obama offered sympathy to France and promised not to relent in the war on ISIS, though he turned to Gingrich’s remarks by calling them “repugnant and an affront to everything that we stand for as Americans.”

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