Hillary Clinton: Obama Is Envious I’m Out Of The Country Today

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been a notably absent presence in this year’s midterms. While husband Bill has been stumping around the country, Clinton has kept almost entirely clear of this year’s Midterm circus, something she thinks President Obama may be a little green with envy over. From ABC News:

“I think he was a little envious that I am here,” Clinton told a town hall audience in Kuala Lumpur today, a nod to the Democrats’ expected drubbing today.

Can you blame him. Clinton also explained the possible GOP drubbing thusly:

“If that happens in our elections, and it may or may not … it is sort of the way American politics keeps itself in the center,” she said, according to an Associated Press reporters traveling with her. “A new president gets elected, he usually does an enormous amount in the first two years, and then everybody in America says that’s either not enough or that’s too much. So they send a message to the new president by voting out members of Congress of his party.”

Too little or too much? One look at the headlines this morning suggests no one actually knows.

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