O’Reilly: New York Times “Not What It Used To Be” Due To Gay Marriage, Narcotics Coverage

Fox News’ top talker Bill O’Reilly won’t soon be confused for a Chardonnay-sipping subscriber of The New York Times, and he took time out in a “Factor Followup” segment Monday night to dissect the “decline and fall” of the Gray Lady–the subject of a new book by Times watcher William McGowan.

McGowan says the Times has lost its way by printing opinion instead of objective, shoe leather reporting:

MCGOWAN: “Much more soft news, much more vapid consumerism. Style, that kind of stuff. And that, in some ways, is a back door towards counter-culture values. The celebration of the transgressive over the traditional.

O’REILLY: The gay rights, gay marriage, they do a story a day on that. Legalization of narcotics, they’re big on that. So they’re using their pages not to report the news, but to push causes that they think should be mainstream.

O’Reilly, looking out for real “folks” who just want straight news, fair and balanced, and free from spin and agenda-setting, suggested an alternative to the Times: (wait for it) “bottom line on [the book] Gray Lady Down is the paper is not what it used to be…read The Wall Street Journal. I think The Wall Street Journal is an excellent publication.”

Who owns the Journal again? (Hint: the same people as Fox News.)

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