O’Reilly Hits Obamacare ‘Hysteria,’ Warns Against Gov’t Shutdown: ‘Washington Would Become Detroit’

Bill O’Reilly took on the “Obamacare madness” and “absolute chaos in Washington” Friday night, saying a government shutdown is too dangerous and risky for country to be a viable option, and called for a compromise. He did have some tough words for people pushing hyperbolic “hysteria” on both sides over the health care law, saying Democrats and Republicans need to stop the rhetoric and prevent the threat of catastrophe.

O’Reilly claimed even though the health care law was legally passed and upheld, the public has “buyers’ remorse” and some of the people whom the bill was supposed to benefit most will end up suffering the most under it.

He acknowledged that there has been a lot of “hysteria” over Obamacare, agreeing with a sentiment expressed by President Obama, but said a lot of that’s happening on the left, citing Harry Reid‘s reference to tea party “extremists” and Dan Pfeiffer comparing Republicans to suicide bombers.

O’Reilly said both sides need to come together to avoid a government shutdown because no one wants “scorched earth,” and if a shutdown did happen, “Washington would become Detroit, a place completely out of control.”

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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