Second Presidential Debate Generates Fewer Tweets Than First

The debut presidential debate garnered 3 million more tweets than Tuesday’s debate, with the first debate generating 10 million tweets and last night’s debates bringing about 7.2 million tweets.

A blog post from Twitter reveals a higher Twitter #debate engagement rate during the initial debate, with users punching out 109,560 tweets per minute during the peak moment at yesterday’s Hofstra University debate, according to The Hill. The Twitter blog post adds that the most heavily discussions surrounded GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney‘s talk about immigration, president Barack Obama‘s comment about Romney and China, and Romney’s response to a question on tax rates. Comprising 28 percent of debate-related tweets, the economy was the most heavily discussed topic.

Exactly 7.2 million tweets went out from 9 p.m. ET to 10:39 p.m. ET referencing the debate and related terms. Twitter’s graphic provides more information on debate tweeting data:

The words “binder,” “Jeremy,” and “pension” saw a major uptick in Twitter mentions last night, which comes as no surprise given the widespread reaction to Romney’s “binders full of women” comment and the popularity of Jeremy Epstein, a 20-year-old Long Island college student who was the first to ask the contenders a question Tuesday night.

Read the full blog post here.

[h/t The Hill]

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