Stormy Daniels’ Lawyer: We Have ‘Substantial Evidence’ Proving White House Lied About Hush Money Deal

Chris Cuomo put the question directly to Michael Avenatti — attorney for Stormy Daniels.

Why, exactly, do the American people need to hear from his client?

“Because cover-ups matter,” Avenatti told Cuomo Friday on New Day.

The New Day anchor pressed.

“What’s the cover-up?” He asked.

The attorney told Cuomo that the cover-up deals with the claim that President Donald Trump had no knowledge of the non-disclosure agreement struck between Daniels and Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen.

“[Y]ou have attorney Cohen claiming that Donald Trump never knew anything about this,” Avenatti said. “You have the White House claiming Donald Trump never knew anything about this. That is going to be shown to be patently false.”

The lawyer added that he has proof Trump was aware of the pact.

“We have substantial evidence and facts that were not included in the complaint,” Avenatti said. He added, “When that evidence and those facts come to light, the American people are going to conclude that attorney Cohen and the White House have not shot straight with them on this issue.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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