Trump Threatens ‘Economy Will Go Down the Tubes’ if He Doesn’t Win Re-Election

President Donald Trump threatened that the economy would crash if he loses re-election in a tangent while he was attacking the Federal Reserve for not cutting interest rates.

Jay Powell should be cutting rates. Every country all over the world is cutting. We want to stay sort of even. I don’t mind if we’re higher, we’re a better credit, but we’re way too high. Jay Powell has made a big mistake. He raised them too fast, and he also quantitative tightened, did quantitative tighten that was a big mistake,” Trump told reporters while leaving for a rally in New Hampshire Thursday.

Trump then went on to argue that he was responsible for the stock market’s steady rise over the past two years. However, there has been increasing fear of an incoming recession following an 800 point drop in the market yesterday.

“We picked up tremendous steam the day after the election,” Trump said. “That’s not attributable to President Obama. They only did that because of us, so when somebody says from January 20th, it’s not from January 20th. It’s from November 9th, the day after the election. The fact that I won lifted our economy greatly. If I didn’t win, it would go down. Frankly, if for some reason that happened in the 2020 election, you’ll see this economy go down the tubes. I will tell you that right now.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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