Chris Cuomo and Ted Cruz Battle it Out Over Gun Control: ‘That’s Not True’

The morning after Sen. Ted Cruz’s resounding win in his state’s Republican primary on Tuesday night, the Texan appeared on CNN’s New Day to battle it out with Chris Cuomo over gun control.

After noting that he did not want to get into a legal exchange with the famously skillful debater, Cuomo asked Cruz why he “won’t give a position” on certain gun control measures, including a ban on bump stocks and background checks covering all gun sales.

Cruz countered that gun control inevitably focuses on law abiding Americans, before declaring that “it doesn’t work.”

“How do you know it doesn’t work?” Cuomo asked.

The Texas senator claimed that “the jurisdictions with the toughest gun control laws, cities like Chicago, cities like Washington D.C., they almost invariably have the highest crime rates, the highest murder rates.”

“No, that’s not true,” Cuomo shot back. “The Giffords Center analysis says that with a few exceptions, states that have the strictest gun control measures have the lowest rates of gun deaths.”

“Just a recent example, look at Connecticut, look at how they brought the numbers down,” he added.

Cruz contended that Cuomo was “citing sources from a partisan source that is not reliable.”

“Where are you citing them from? The NRA?” Cuomo retorted.

The two continued to debate the merits of expanding background checks, as well as Cruz’s proposed gun legislation with Sen. Chuck Grassley.

Watch above, via CNN.

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